New research shows Domino’s now the most recalled phone name in the country

A MOVE from using numbers to having people dial its brand name into their phones has put Domino’s at the top in the brand recognition stakes.

As marketers struggle to get consumers to remember their phone numbers, phone names have become a key to success in the fast food home delivery sector.

Domino’s moved to using its phone name in its marketing exclusively 2 1/2 years ago and the shift was copied just six months later by its rival Pizza Hut, which scrapped what was then the most recalled phone number in marketing after using it for 25 years.

New research from Roy Morgan has revealed that Domino’s is now the most recalled phone name in the country with a recall of 7.9 cent for its 1300 DOMINOS number.

The research also revealed in the key pizza-buying demographic of 18 to 24-year-olds recall is 17.7 per cent.

Domino’s chief executive Don Meij said while the company had expected the phone name to be a success, executives were overwhelmed at how fast consumers made the switch.

“Almost immediately nearly 40 to 50 per cent of people switched to using the phone name,” Mr Meij said.

“And it had taken us years to teach people the number — but we watch it every month (the phone name use) and every month it is a bigger number.”

Advertisers that spend millions marketing numbers are struggling to match the rise of phone names in unaided recall.

Companies whose numbers had recall of just 1 per cent included Flight Centre, AAMI and Qantas.

The National Security Hotline, which has been supported by the federal government to the tune of several million dollars over the past year, achieved a zero recall rating in the measure.

Allianz also failed to register any recall for its number with consumers.

In late 2008, Pizza Hut dumped the long-running phone number 9481 1111 in favour of 1300 PIZZA HUT after it noticed rival Domino’s was gaining ground.

The company invested more that $2 million marketing the number change to customers.

At the time, Pizza Hut marketing director Angela Richards said that the change would result in significant savings for the company.

The shift allowed the company to move to a single number nationwide and also opened channels so that customers could order pizzas through SMS.

When Pizza Hut made the change, it divorced what was then the most recalled number in Australia.

“Our 9481 number has double the recall of almost any other phone number out there, but it is time to change,” Ms Richards said.

The push to move from numbers to more easily recalled names has seen 26 of Australia’s top 50 companies, including Telstra, Harvey Norman, Optus, Wesfarmers, Toyota and Vodafone now using phone names.

Industry analysts said that the market was now worth more than $55m in licence fees and call revenues.

Article originally posted on The Australian